Meddling Miscreants

Entering Korend

This session opens with the group in the tropical island town of Luna. The party, having been told to leave town by Alana after their recent business deal, decides to cross into the Korend Kingdom, specifically to the small port town of Killelan and then travel to Caemlyn by way of Coll and then Zinda.

After securing passage and resting for the night, the group sets out to the West, only to come across a platoon of the Luggard military. The group quickly hides off the side of the road except
Kevgold who stays on the path and is confronted by the leader of the approaching platoon. Kevgold reveals he is from Luggard and the leader insists the dwarf comes with them.

The PCs then open fire on the patrol while Tiffany manipulates the sound from the commanders voice, issuing a retreat. Several men are downed, including the leader and two mages, but not before several magical barriers are erected, allowing the rest of the patrol to escape.


warm warm

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