Meddling Miscreants

The Journey
The group continues its treak northward to reach Caemlyn

The PCs discover the shadow dragon is an illusion and kill the wizards trying to escape
The group then teleports away from the area to escape any reprisal from the nearby town of Coll.

They teleport to a wide portion of the Fireheart River to the west, a couple days journey from Flann childhood home Morkoshos. Rather than travel to the village the PCs opt to travel Northeast.
2 days travel
During the night they are attracted to a large pack of Bluespawn Ambushers that seem to be gathered around a large nest, complete with a large number of eggs. The PCs charge in and in response the Bluespawn burrow underground. Flann grabs a couple eggs, only to be shocked repeatedly by the underground dragonkin. He falls unconscious, causing Kevgold to grab him and order a hasty retreat. The PCs gather around Albatross and teleport once again to the sounds of burrowing creatures below their feet.
They once again start on the Fireheart River, where they opt to spend the rest of the night. During Kevgold’s watch, a troll is discovered who seems to accept the half-troll as one of his own. Kevgold is pissed and wakes the party to kill it. They track and dispatch the beast.
7 days travel
The PCs come upon a large waterfall which they dub Mulligan Falls, and Albatross takes a few moments to memorize the area. Tiffany is inspired and creates a statue of the mephit.
2 days travel
Upon investigating a clear-cut clearing, the PCs come upon a large cottage inhabited by an elderly seamstress Panira Stenmor who seems thrilled to have visitors and invites the group inside. They discover she has a large number of animated sewing machines and other tools which are mass-producing goods for her. She lives roughly a days travel from Newberg and she confides in the group she moved from the town to escape the nosy neighbors. Flann hunts a black bear and they have a fine meal together. Before leaving Panira tells the PCs she has heard rumors of goldweave cloth which has been enchanted to be stronger than steal. She expresses her desire to gain access to some of this cloth to experiment with.
2 days travel
Tiffany builds a wooden bridge across the Lenne River and upon the groups insitants she dubs it Karnauk Krossing. The PCs cross into the kingdom of Korend.
1 days travel
The spots a huge boar like creature which Ith recognizes (a Fhorge). The group opens fire, hoping to a have a feast of bacon, only to be ambushed by the rest of the pack. At one point nearly the entire group is caught within the maws of the great beasts as they toss the PCs about like a chew toy. [[:nimb | Nimb] falls unconscious as one of the beasts shakes and throws him through the air. The beasts finally fall and after healing Flann gathers one undamaged pelt and the creatures great tusks.
A few hours later, the group sees a man on a flying horse pass overhead. The mephit flys up to talk with him, and discovers the human is a royal messenger.
9 days travel
The group avoids the town of Elsdorf, opting to stay to the west.
6 days travel
The group heads east and stops briefly in a field near Baerlon to steal from young lad weeding. Nimb pockets a small hardened leather case.
8 days travel
The group circles around [[Mt. Rodberg]] and Tiffany fashions another bridge North of Wanderton across the Primof River. Kevgold falls through and gets a much needed bath, but otherwise is uninjured. That night the party’s sleep is interrupted by a Spore Bat which level drains both Flann and Albatross before flying into the darkness.

Entering Korend

This session opens with the group in the tropical island town of Luna. The party, having been told to leave town by Alana after their recent business deal, decides to cross into the Korend Kingdom, specifically to the small port town of Killelan and then travel to Caemlyn by way of Coll and then Zinda.

After securing passage and resting for the night, the group sets out to the West, only to come across a platoon of the Luggard military. The group quickly hides off the side of the road except
Kevgold who stays on the path and is confronted by the leader of the approaching platoon. Kevgold reveals he is from Luggard and the leader insists the dwarf comes with them.

The PCs then open fire on the patrol while Tiffany manipulates the sound from the commanders voice, issuing a retreat. Several men are downed, including the leader and two mages, but not before several magical barriers are erected, allowing the rest of the patrol to escape.

Past Shenanigans



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